“A name they’ll remember for years to come – her beautiful dynamic singing and
accompanying guitar work fueled by an engaged audience is something to not be taken for granted.”

 - Steve Malinski,




by Laura Bowman

Laura's third release incorporates folk lyrics into a country feel with lap steel and twangy hooks. This album integrates a wide range of interests and spotlights soulful vocals in a big way. Purchase the full album HERE


Laura Bowman


A talented and captivating east cost original artist with the ability to make a crowded room suddenly stand still and listen. Also an experienced solo cover musician, Laura Bowman utilizes a folk music sensibility with a touch of country and mixes it with soulful vocal performances to rejuvenate the role of the female singer-songwriter. 

In 2013 and 2017, inspired by the tradition and artists of the 1960’s Folk Music Revival, Laura embarked on  “busking tours" which favored free and spontaneous public performances at street venues across the country, sometimes in conjunction with pre-scheduled shows. Through these tours, she aimed to connect with people in unexpected places and create a personal, in-the-moment experience with her audience. 

Drawing from the example of powerful female artists like Joan Baez, Sara Bareilles, Emmylou Harris and Dolly Parton, Laura strives to empower other women through her music and message and in her own words, "to let music, not image, speak and inspire". 


In addition to her solo work, Laura is involved in two bands.  Something Grey, an upscale acoustic cover duo, can be seen across New Jersey and New York year-round, specializing in upscale restaurants and bars.


The Greenheart, an eco-rock folk group, can be seen in the Hudson Valley area this summer.  This band also branches to Nepal, India, and the Netherlands, in conjunction with ongoing recycling programs and green initiatives in those countries.  For more details on this project, please visit:



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by Laura Bowman

A collaboration inspired by the heart and message of Pete Seeger, who evoked community, love, and the power of song.

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